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entry #14: Fear Muir’s beard

Check out what I designed for a t-shirt contest at the Sierra Club, called Fear Muir’s Beard. The idea behind the contest is a play on San Francisco Giants’ Brian Wilson and his epic beard. You can find this social phenomenon on a google image search.

I decided to take the approach of Muir pioneering the original California beard. Some of my alternate taglines were: “Preserve Muir’s Beard” and “Let it grow like Muir’s Beard.” I started by drawing the outline of John Muir’s head. Then I used the branded Sierra Club tree for the forest and threw in the big dipper star constellation. Yosemite’s forests and skies are so gorgeous…I sure miss the smell of Sequoia trees!

Wish me luck!

Muir Pioneered the Beard t-shirt design for Sierra Club

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entry #13: Screen print

I’d like to share my finished prints from my screen printing class at Pima this semester.

My first print is the mermaid paper doll mannequin (top left). I drew it out by hand, transferred it onto a transparency, then exposed it onto a photo emulsion coated screen. It was quite a difficult process, since my chemicals were unreliable and my drawing didn’t have enough contrast. Because of these beginner glitches, 30+ prints went straight into recycling. I finally got the flow of the process and loved my overall image. Looking back, I would’ve kept my first attempt simple, with less detail.

The second attempt used the text, “where did the day glo?’ (bottom). Each of the three colors (blue, orange & brown) are a different layer, and each a different image on the screen. These images were created digitally using Adobe Illustrator, then copied onto a transparency for the screen print. I was inspired by the city of Perth, Australia (my family’s home), and the cityscape from Kings Park with the Swan River and rows of Boab trees in the foreground.

The third print is called “Rub-a-Dub Deer in a Tub.” I used the drawing fluid/screen filler method for all colors except black (for which I used photo emulsion). I love using screen filler; it’s so much quicker! It was also fun using metallic inks for the gold background and pink tub.

I have one last project in the works, so keep an eye out for the final revealing.

Screen print

Here are some inspiring posters from

The Decemberists

wicked detail…

The Black Keys

love the patterning…

Rilo Kiley

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entry #11: Wildcat mascots

In celebration of the University of Arizona’s great tournament run this year, I decided to do an assessment of the best basketball mascot out there: the wildcat. There are nine colleges (that I could find) that use the wildcat as their mascot, and their range of styles include streamlined, stylized, dramatic perspective, side view, straight on view and even the full body of a cat. In each of these college logos, the cat assumes an aggressive pose—ears back with fangs borne.  Incidentally, the only wildcat mascot that doesn’t have it’s ears turned back is the UofA. Does this mean it’s friendly and less aggressive?  Maybe we should ask Duke…

Wildcat mascots
1. University of Arizona; 2. California State University, Chico; 3. Kansas State University; 4. Weber State University; 5. Northern Michigan University; 6. University of New Hampshire; 7. Villanova University; 8. University of Kentucky; 9. Northwestern University

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entry #9: Museum of Printing History

This post is dedicated to the little Houston gem that is the Museum of Printing History. I had low expectations walking into this quiet building, but was quickly blown away by the variety of presses, letter type and historic newspapers. I remember that I spent the first 5 years of my career working in the printing industry. It’s a hard place to work—the ink fumes and the papercuts blinded my eyes from my original passion for paper.

There is something very sensual about a letterpress and a stack of soft paper. The old  presses were ornately decorated with curvy lines.  I could sense the 80-year-old sweat of the typesetters who would set each letter one at a time.

The museum is more than an exhibit. It offers workshops in so many different types of printing, woodcut, letterpress, lithography, paper making, silkscreen, book binding and more. Their extensive collection of technology included one of the first copy machines from 1959. The Xerox 914 was the first successful commercial plain paper copier. It could make 136 copies per hour, the only problem was it tended to catch fire when overheated. So, Xerox provided a small fire extinguisher along with the copier.

If you find yourself in Houston, with a few hours left in a humid afternoon; wander on down to the Museum of Printing History and share my love of paper & ink.

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entry #6: Color-ployment

I’m obsessed with colors, so it makes sense that I would enjoy naming colors too. Clever names, based on silly analogies and emotions. The most abused color name, in my opinion, is baby blue. Since when are babies blue? See what I came up with for a classic black:

(I’ve been listening to a lot of The Black Keys in the morning, while I sip my Earl Grey tea)

I would also love to name fashion’s Pantone color predictions for each season. Here are the color trends for Spring 2011–if you’re not wearing the beeswax color right now, you should consider pouring honey on your chest! I also love this collection of Texas-themed colors. I’m posting in honor of my upcoming trip to Houston, ya-all! Houston-we-have-a-purple.

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entry #5: Fresh business cards

I have brand new business cards, finally. I went two whole months without any. I was incredibly embarrassed when I wrote my email on the back side of a prospect’s own card. From now on, I promise to the Marketing Fairy: I will never again go without this important networking tool.

Aesthetically, I used the same bright orange, font (Museo) and rounded corners on the new card to match this site.  Plus the illustrated self-portrait—who says realtors are the only ones to put their face on their business card?

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entry #3: Parody Ad

A designer needs to have a little play time once in a while. A fake advertisement or paraody ad is a great way to get the giggles out and try something different. You might just discover a new trick in the process.

I created this tame parody for some friends of mine that are U of A law students. (They deserve a break too, right?) I still crack up every time I look at the photo of them in their suit jackets & ties and tight bike shorts. Ride on, my precious!

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